Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How Time Flies!

Can't believe it has been so long since I had a chance to post.

What you missed:

Since the last update on my cat's health problems she was re-admitted for medical boarding for over a week when she wasn't interested that much in her food. That meant I could not dose her since I cannot give her medication by mouth myself. She won't tolerate me restraining her and getting anything in her, she will just hide. During that medical boarding the vet was really stumped by the persistance of this infection and wanted an ultrasound to determine exactly where the infection was. Well that cost about $400 and showed that it was deep in her kidney. The vet and the doctor reading the ultrasound determined that sulfur drugs might be the best solution and since it was a long series (eight weeks) it would be best in liquid form for ease of dosing her. Just like a doctor, they don't do the actual procedure so it is certainly easy for them.

It would be cost prohibitive and extremely stressful for my cat to be boarded for that length of time and since she was now taking her med in food and eating it all she was discharged when the medication arrived. Another $400+ for that boarding and $27 for the liquid medication and she went home that Saturday. She settled back into being home with an exploration of the apartment and vocally chastising me for having placed her into "prison" for so long.

Then came the medication dosing the next day. Have you ever noticed how tight a cat's lips are against their teeth? Well I tried to get the medication tube past her lips but did not manage to get any medication actually into her mouth. After getting out of my grip she sought refuge under my dresser for the rest of that day. Later on she let me reach under and just touch her with my fingers but made sure to squash close to the wall out of reach of my full hands. She finally emerged that night to eat.

Well, liquid was out but she was eating her food. I went back to get pills from the office that Monday. Which turned out to be the first antibiotic that they had prescribed, Orbax, for another $30. I have been crushing the half pills and mixing it in her morning food. We just finished the eight week series and I need to bring her to the vet to be re-tested.

I took off this week using up expiring vacation days in order to get her tested and do alot of things I have neglected to do for quite awhile. Well, this is Tuesday and I haven't had a chance to get her there with unexpected home problems and the weather being high heat and humidity.
Hopefully when I do and the results are back the nasty infection has been killed off for good this time.

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