Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Cat Thinks I Am Stupid

My vet got the lab results back on the regular urine tests and sure enough my cat STILL has an infection! So that meant we needed another attempt to get a sterile urine sample for a culture. I used the last half of tranquilizer and brought her in on Tuesday, leaving her for the day or as long as it took to get it.

They called me in the afternoon that they had succeeded and I could go pick her up that day. I had told them I was going to call before leaving but in the end I opted for speed over communication and left my office about 5:30pm without calling. As I was on the train line to get there and just after we had emerged from underground (in Queens my line is elevated) my cell phone rang and it was the vet office. I let them know I was pretty close. I got there with about 30 minutes to spare before closing and everyone was happy. Except that my cat was growling.

She was pretty happy to be home and did not snub me. I had Clavamox antibiotic to give her and I gave her the first dose that evening. In the morning I discovered she had bad diarrhea overnight. A little while later she had another bout. I called the office and they told me not to feed her anything else for the day and to stop the antibiotic. I checked back with them later in the day and she had not had another bowel movement so we thought it might be safe to give her something bland to eat. I was to call in the morning before feeding her and give them an update and we would proceed from there.

Gave her the Science Diet Kidney prescription food which initially she stuck her nose up at but then ate it. Later that evening I gave her more but forgot to remove the food before falling asleep. This morning I again had a lovely mess to clean up in her pan but this time it was less severe. Now I had to bring her in which was not easy since I had not fed her so she knew something was up. She went under the dresser and emerged later to have another messy bowel movement and went right back under the dresser.

Eventually she came out again and I didn't chance her going back under where I would have to stress her out even more trying to get her to come out. I grabbed her and put her in the carrier while I finished getting ready to take her.

Doc gave her something to help her get over the poops and gave me a new antibiotic which I am not supposed to give her until the morning and no food until then either.
This has not been easy since she has been ravenous since this morning. She tries to get through to me that I have to feed her but I am just too stupid and she then gives up for awhile and naps. Then wakes up hungry to try to get through my thick skull that I am failing in my duties.

She is truly disgusted with me. She thinks I am REALLY STUPID.

Let's hope she is better in the morning.

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