Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So Frustrating

The vet had changed the antibiotic for my cat to Primor just in case the Clavamox had caused the diarrhea but she refuses to eat it!

It is a blue pill that I have to crush and mix into something she would eat. The exact procedure I was doing for 8 weeks with the Orbax. But she will sniff it and refuse to try it or today she licked it and then refused to touch it again! Oh and then she threw up on my bed. Thankfully I had put a waterproof sheet covered by a spare flat sheet on it before she did. Still meant I had to clean up and change that spare sheet and a couple of stray spots but at least less of a nightmare.

Understand that she is really hungry but she won't touch this. I called the vet yesterday to ask what to do. The typical answer was to try it in other things that she won't notice it in. "put it in a small meatball", like this is a DOG, which would wolf down anything seemingly tasty (or not so tasty). I was supposed to keep trying and call back if it still wasn't working. Oh and meanwhile the culture of her urine was negative. Don't know what that means since she had a high white blood cell count in her urine. Maybe this is therefore a simple bladder or urinary tract infection not the deep kidney infection?


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